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Arnold White - Watchman



My name is Arnold Joseph White. I was born in Nashville, TN on July 7th, 1948.

 And as with most people, from time to time in my life, I have had experiences that could have possibility been the ~“Spiritual Realm”~ of ~“God”~ at work in my life ~ or not.

I never had an experience that did not have a rational explanation ~ until ~ 1996 or 1997 ~ when ~ I began to experience ~“things”~ that at that time I concluded were ~“things”~ I thought were from the ~ “psychic realm” ~ of ~ “psychic phenomena” ~ as ~ “psychic ability” ~ and ~ “psychic power” ~.

Then on December 15th, of 2000, I witnessed ~“something”~ that as I tried to come to a rational explanation of what I was witnessing, the first thing that came to my mind was “witchcraft”.   From that point forward ~these things ~ continued to escalate until early in 2002 when it “finally” dawned on me that what I was being ~“approached”~ by was God.

WHY?  was not the first question that came to my mind. WHAT? was the first question.

What do I do with this ~“Revelation”~ of this ~“Epiphany”~?   Were ~ these things ~ given to me to experience for my own personal knowledge and mine alone?   Or, was I supposed to share that ~ “My God!   There actually is a God!” ~ with the world?

It did not take me long to realize that I was being ~“called”~ to tell my story and share my beliefs as to why ~these things ~ were and still are ~ happening.